Instagram will be made accessible to people with visual impairment

The social network will implement alternative text to the images that can be read by screen readers for people with visual impairment.

Those on Instagram are introducing important improvements focused on people who have some kind of visual impairment.

This update focuses on the introduction of alternative text that can be read aloud by screen readers when browsing the news feed, in the search engine and in the profile of users.

According to the platform owned by Facebook, this alternative text can be introduced in two different ways. The first is through artificial intelligence that will detect the objects in the images to generate descriptions automatically. The second way is through descriptions that the users themselves can enter manually.

With this, the social network of photographs par excellence will allow around 285 million people with visual impairment to hear the descriptions of the images that upload their users making it one of the most accessible platforms.

This is a first stage to make this platform more inclusive and it is expected that they will continue to enrich its application with similar functions later, although they did not offer more details about it.


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